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Our expert tree planting service in Ewing, NJ, and surrounding areas in Mercer, Hunterdon, and Bucks County, ensures that your new trees start their life with the best possible care, contributing to a healthier environment and enhancing the beauty of your property. We believe that every tree planted is a step towards a healthier, more sustainable world. Whether you’re looking to create a shady retreat, a colorful autumn display, or a habitat for local wildlife, our tree planting service is tailored to meet your specific goals and needs.

Above Ground Tree Service

Why Invest in Professional Tree Planting?

Tree planting might seem straightforward, but the long-term health and growth of a tree significantly depend on how well it’s planted. Our tree planting service ensures that your trees are selected and planted with care and expertise, promising a strong foundation for years to come.

Above Ground Tree Service

Benefits of Trees in Your Landscape

Environmental Impact

Trees are vital for cleaning the air, providing oxygen, and supporting wildlife.

Property Value

A well-landscaped property with mature trees can significantly increase property value.

Energy Savings

Strategically placed trees can reduce home heating and cooling costs by providing shade and wind protection.

Our Tree Planting Process

Site Assessment and Selection

Understanding your property’s soil, topography, and climate is crucial in selecting the right tree species that will thrive. Our professionals conduct thorough site assessments to ensure compatibility.

Choosing the Right Tree

Whether you’re looking for shade, fruit, or ornamental beauty, we guide you in selecting the best species for your goals and landscape. We consider growth patterns, size, and maintenance needs to match you with your perfect tree.

Above Ground Tree Service

Planting Techniques

Our tree planting service includes

Proper Hole Depth and Width

Ensuring the tree's root ball is adequately accommodated without being too deep or shallow.

Soil Preparation

Amending the soil to provide the best possible start for your tree.

Correct Positioning

Making sure the tree is straight and positioned for optimal growth.


Applying a protective layer of mulch to retain moisture, regulate soil temperature, and reduce weed competition.

Watering and Care

Providing initial watering and care instructions to ensure your tree's successful establishment.

Above Ground Tree Service

Care and Maintenance for Newly Planted Trees

Ensuring the health and vitality of newly planted trees requires a dedicated approach to care and maintenance. After planting, it’s crucial to provide your trees with the right mix of water, nutrients, and protection to encourage strong root development and overall growth. Regular watering is essential, especially in the first few years, to help establish the tree’s root system. Mulching around the base of the tree can retain moisture, regulate soil temperature, and reduce weed competition. Additionally, staking may be necessary for certain trees to provide stability against strong winds, though it should be done carefully to avoid damaging the tree. Pruning is another important aspect of care, focusing on removing any damaged or diseased branches and shaping the young tree to promote a strong structure. With consistent attention and care, your newly planted trees will be well on their way to thriving in their new environment, contributing to the beauty and ecological health of your landscape.

Best Time to Plant a Tree in Ewing, NJ

In Ewing, NJ, the best time to plant trees is during the dormant seasons of fall and early spring. This timing allows trees to establish their root systems in cooler temperatures before the stress of the hot summer months or the cold winter sets in.

Fall Planting (Late September to November)

Planting in the fall gives trees an opportunity to root and acclimate to the soil and environment before the dormancy of winter. The cooler temperatures and usually adequate rainfall help in establishing strong root systems, which are crucial for survival and growth in the spring.

Spring Planting (March to May)

Early spring, just as the ground thaws but before new growth begins, is another ideal planting time. This season offers a similar advantage, with moderate temperatures and increased moisture levels that support root growth, helping trees to become established before the heat of summer.

It’s important to avoid planting in the middle of summer due to the heat and potential drought stress, as well as the deep winter when the ground is frozen, making it difficult to dig planting holes and for roots to spread. Selecting the right time for tree planting in Ewing, NJ, maximizes the tree’s chances for survival and healthy growth, ensuring your tree planting service investment pays off with beautiful, strong trees that enhance your landscape for years to come.

Above Ground FAQ

Tree Planting FAQs

The best time for tree planting varies by species and climate. Generally, early spring or fall is ideal for most trees, but we can advise on the best planting time for your specific selection.

Our experts consider factors like your landscape’s size, soil type, and your aesthetic and functional goals. We’ll help you choose a tree that fits your needs and environment perfectly.

Newly planted trees need regular watering, mulch maintenance, and possibly some staking. We provide detailed aftercare instructions and are here to assist with any further maintenance services.

Above Ground Tree Service

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