Tree Cabling & Tree Bracing

Tree cabling and tree bracing are crucial techniques to support and stabilize trees. These methods are essential for extending the life of a tree by preventing damage due to structural weaknesses, heavy winds, or the weight of ice and snow. Learn what tree cabling and tree bracing entail, their importance, and how Above Ground Tree Service, based in Ewing, NJ, can help protect your trees in Mercer County, NJ, Hunterdon County, NJ and Bucks County, PA.

Tree Cabling

What it is

Tree cabling involves the installation of flexible cables between branches or sections of a tree. These cables are typically made of high-strength steel and are installed high in the tree’s canopy.


The primary goal of cabling is to limit the movement of the supported branches, reducing stress on critical points and preventing branch failure. Cabling is often used to support weak branch unions, prevent damage to large, healthy branches that are at risk of falling due to their size and weight, and to reduce stress from wind and gravity.

When it's used

Cabling is most appropriate for trees where the main structure is sound but where there are specific limbs or branches at risk of failure. It’s a preventive measure that can be applied to both young and mature trees to help them withstand external pressures without interfering with their natural growth pattern.

Tree Bracing

What it is

Tree bracing involves the installation of rigid rods through branches or trunks. These rods, usually made of metal, are secured with bolts or threaded rods that run through the tree parts being braced.


The aim of tree bracing is to provide direct support, limiting the twisting motion that can cause splits and fractures, especially in areas where the tree’s structure is compromised. Tree Bracing is often used in conjunction with cabling to provide support to weak branch unions or to repair damage after a tree has been structurally compromised.

When it's used

Tree Bracing is generally used in more severe cases where the structural integrity of the tree is at risk. It’s a corrective measure, ideal for situations where a tree has already suffered damage or where there is a significant risk of structural failure. Tree Bracing provides a more permanent solution to structural problems, often used after storm damage or when a tree’s natural growth pattern threatens its stability.

Above Ground Tree Service

Professional Tree Cabling & Tree Bracing

Both tree cabling and tree bracing require assessment and installation by a professional arborist to ensure they’re applied correctly and safely. Misapplication can lead to further damage or failure of the tree, highlighting the importance of expert intervention.

Above Ground Tree Service

Why Tree Cabling & Tree Bracing are Essential

Tree cabling and tree bracing involve installing cables and braces to provide additional support to trees. This section will explore the reasons behind their necessity, including preventing potential property damage or injury from falling branches and maintaining the health and aesthetic appeal of your trees.

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When Do Trees Need Cabling & Tree Bracing?

Trees, like any living organisms, encounter various challenges throughout their lifespan that may threaten their stability and health. Recognizing when a tree might benefit from cabling and bracing is crucial for proactive tree care and preservation. These supportive interventions are not one-size-fits-all solutions but are instead tailored to address specific structural concerns within a tree. Here are key situations when cabling and bracing might be necessary:

Weak Branch Unions

Trees with branches that form at narrow angles or have weak attachments are more prone to splitting under stress. Cabling can help redistribute the load and minimize the risk of breakage.

Overextended Limbs

Limbs that stretch out far from the trunk, especially if they bear a heavy leaf load or fruit, can be prone to sagging or snapping. Strategic cabling provides the extra support these limbs need to remain intact.

Multiple Trunks

Trees with multiple trunks, or a codominant structure, may have a tendency to pull apart under their own weight, particularly if the trunks are poorly attached. Cabling or bracing can secure these trunks together, preventing them from splitting.

Storm Damage Prevention

Trees in areas prone to high winds, heavy snow, or ice storms can benefit from preemptive cabling to prevent limb failure and reduce the overall risk of damage during severe weather events.

Preserving Historic or Valuable Trees

Older or culturally significant trees that contribute to the landscape's aesthetic or have historical importance might require cabling and bracing to extend their lifespan and maintain safety.

After Injury

Trees that have sustained damage, whether from environmental factors, disease, or human activity, might need bracing to support weakened structures as they heal.

It’s important to note that not all trees with these characteristics will require cabling and bracing. A professional arborist can assess a tree’s structure, health, and the specific environmental stresses it faces to determine the most appropriate course of action. This targeted approach ensures that each tree receives the support it needs without unnecessary intervention, promoting a healthy, natural growth and development.

Above Ground Tree Service

Minimize Stress Damage On Your Trees with Professional Cabling & Tree Bracing

Trees stand as silent sentinels of our landscapes, offering shade, beauty, and habitat for wildlife. However, their serene presence belies the constant stress they endure from environmental elements, growth patterns, and physical damage. Understanding these challenges, Above Ground Tree Service specializes in flexible cabling and tree bracing techniques designed to fortify your trees against the myriad stresses they face. Our expert approach not only preserves the structural integrity of your trees but also enhances their ability to thrive in the face of adversity.

Above Ground FAQ

Tree Cabling & Tree Bracing FAQs

To protect trees from snow and ice, it’s essential to employ tree cabling and tree bracing for additional support to vulnerable branches and structures, alongside proper pruning to remove weak limbs. These measures help distribute the weight of snow and ice more evenly, reducing the risk of damage during winter months.

The duration for which cables and braces need to remain in a tree varies depending on the tree’s growth rate, the severity of the structural issues, and the specific goals of the support system. In many cases, these supports may need to stay in place for several years or potentially for the life of the tree. Regular inspections by an arborist can determine when adjustments or removals are appropriate.

When performed by skilled, experienced professionals, tree cabling and bracing is not harmful and can significantly benefit the tree’s health and longevity. Proper installation ensures that the tree can continue to grow and thrive, with minimal impact on its natural development.

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Ensuring the Health and Safety of Your Trees Around the Clock

At Above Ground Tree Service, we understand that tree-related emergencies don’t adhere to a 9-to-5 schedule. That’s why we’re proud to offer comprehensive 24/7 tree service, ensuring that we’re always there when you need us most, regardless of the time or day. 

Above Ground Tree Service is your first choice for comprehensive tree care and emergency services. With our tree services, your trees are in capable hands, to thrive and withstand the challenges they face. Proudly serving Mercer County, NJ, Hunterdon, County, NJ, Bucks County, PA and surrounding areas, we’re here to ensure the beauty and safety of your landscapes, day and night. Call us at (609) 920-8780 to schedule an appointment.

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